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Our race format allows for the unique opportunity to do each discipline in different parts of the region.

To go to the start of each race, you can either drive there, if you choose to rent a car, or you can use our transfer service, or walk if you’re close enough to the location. All transfers will depart and return, after each competition, from near the race office/expo at the Portobello resort.

At the TRITON 3 RIO 2024 the swim will take place at the Portobello Resort, the bike at Serra do Piloto and the run back at the Portobello Resort.


Portobello Resort – The Swim course is right in front of the resort

A small paradise that sits on the shores of Mangaratiba a city in Rio de Janeiro. It has many popular attractions, including Poção De Muriqui, Praia do Sahy, Quatiquara, making it well worth a visit.

The district is cut off by the Imperial Road, which guarantees beautiful scenery along the way, and is one of the options for getting to Mangaratiba. (Avoid this route on rainy days, as it is a winding road with a single track and no tarmac at some points.)

The main tourist attractions are: Cachoeira dos Escravos, Bebedouro da Barreira, Igreja de São João Marcos, Cachoeira do Benguela and the ruins of São João Marcos.

The swim is a 1.2 km loop  format. Those doing the 2.4 km distance will do two loops, with an Australian exit (a short run on the beach at the end of the loop), passing by an aid station. Those doing the 3.6 km will do 3 loops, running by the aid station twice.

This loop course makes it an exciting competition for both the participants and spectators, as it is easier for spectators to follow the action, and for athletes to control who’s around them.

Safety is one of our focus when delivering any TRITON event.

No matter how many safety measures an event takes, accidents do happen in unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances however, in particular when we are out of our element such is the case in open water swim.

TRITON has partnered with RESTUBE to give you another safety major an option to have it always with you on the swim, and make it a step closer to being safer at the pull of the trigger, giving you and us more time to get to you if needed, be visible or assist another swimmer. It may just make the difference when it counts.

You can either buy your RESTUBE during registration, use it for the swim and for all your other upcoming events or rent one to give a try.


Serra do Piloto


Serra do Piloto fica ao norte do município de Mangaratiba, na Costa Verde do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Apesar de ser o distrito mais antigo de Mangaratiba é o que apresenta menor estrutura de comércio.

A Serra do Piloto também chama a atenção pelos prédios antigos de linhas arquitetônicas simples típicas do período colonial com algumas ruínas.

The bike course will feature a 30 km loop course with inclines reaching, at it’s hardest moment, 17% incline.

The bike course is draft legal with no time trial bikes allowed, and as such we will have a wave start with the numbers of bikers starting on each wave, being dependent on the total number of participants.

Parts of the course will be open to local traffic. We recommend exercising extreme caution when riding and showing respect to all traffic laws.

If you are doing the SHORT distance you will do one loop, the MIDDLE distance two loops and the long distance 3 loops. 

There is a limited time to finish the bike course for everyone. As such, the cut-off is 12:30 to start the final loop (3:30 hours after the start).


Praia dos Três Irmãos – Praia da Rocha

The run and final awards take place at the Portobello Resort

The course will take you on a beautiful course starting and ending at the resort.

We saved the best for last. A trail that will take you next to the ocean where you can admire the myriad blues of the sea.

As you run along beside the sea and the Portimão Marina, you will enjoy the immensity of the ocean and try to spot shearwaters (in summer) or even dolphins playfully leaping out of the water.

When you reach the far end, take a look at the rocks that form the breakwater. At low tide, there’s lots of crabs feeding here, or mussels, whelks and limpets, clinging to the rocks and waiting for the sea level to rise again at high tide.


TRITON Portimão Official nutrition partner will be announced soon. 


We have a policy of zero tolerance for littering. We are determined to make this a “leave nothing but footprints” event. Any food or drinks you consume during the course segments must be done in place, and if you litter anywhere on the course you will be immediately disqualified and fined by authorities.


Please make sure you slow down enough (on the bike in particular) to take on any nutrition needs you may have, and make sure you secure them well not to let them drop. At the aid stations there is a dropping zone for your litter that you must absolutely respect.



On the run course you will not be allowed to consume any nutrition, solid or liquid, that carries trash with it, outside of the aid station zones. We recommend you carry a fuel backpack, especially if you are doing the full distance.



We are sure you appreciate these measures as much as both we, and all residents, do, in order to keep the region clean and make sure it receives us with open arms for many years to come.




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