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Each destination a different course and maybe a different distance!


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Praia do Piatã, Salvador – Bahia

The swim takes place Praia de Piatã next to Placaford.

The water is usually calm at this time of the year and average 83.3° F / 28.5° C. 

It has excellent visibility for both swimmers and spectators and it is just a short distance away from the transition zone. 

It is quite an overwhelming spectacle to watch the swim course.

The swim will be a in loop course.

Participants will do one 450 meters lap for the SHORT distance, two laps for the MIDDLE distance and four laps for the FULL distance.

The number of waves for each distance may vary according to the number of participants


Praça Piatã

Starts at Praça de Piatã

The bike course is flat, very fast pace and next to shore the entire way

It is a in lap course, each lap of 22.5 km approximately. 

The bike course consists of one lap for the SHORT, two laps for the MIDDLE, and four laps for the FULL.

Please remember, that littering is absolutely forbidden anywhere that not next to the aid station and it will result in DQF.

The course starts heading

towards Sereia de Itapoã, turns around heading towards, Jardim dos Namorados, turns around Complexo do Jardim de Alah, heads to Praça de Piatã (Arena). The course is 22.5 km long.

The bike course is 100% flat and ideal for a PB (personal best).

Please remember to be safe first and foremost and stay to your right to let faster athletes to go by without incidents.



Praça Piatã

The run course starts at the transition zone located at Praça Piatã and it is absolutely flat. Each lap has about 5.25 km.  The run course  very spectator friendly with tones ou spectators along the entire course. 


Athletes start the course at transition zone and head towards Salvador Beach Club.

Along the course and in particular next to the race village, turnaround point and finish-line will be concentrated the largest number of spectators.


After the finish-line.

Praça Piatã host not only the swim venue and bike transition zone but also the finish-line, race office, awards and athletes meeting point.

It is the best location to enjoy the event and meet the athletes.



Nutrition partner information coming soon!


We have a policy of zero tolerance for littering. We are determined to make this a “leave nothing but footprints” event. Any trash from food or drinks you consume must be placed in the proper containers next to aid stations and along the course. 


Please make sure you slow down enough (on the bike in particular) to take on any nutrition needs you may have, and make sure you secure them well . At the aid stations there is a dropping zone for your litter that you must absolutely respect.



Of course we understand involuntarily dropping trash, but voluntarily dropping trash outside the proper zones may result in DQF. We are there to help keeping the course and venue as clean as possible, but we all have a roll to play in achieving that goal.



We are sure you appreciate these measures as much as both, we, all residents and local businesses, do. In order  to make sure we are welcome back every year lets all do our best and be proud of our attitude and care for the environment. 




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